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We Are Designers. We Are Developers. We Are Creative Thinkers.

GO Technology is a Lake Charles, Louisiana based creative design and technology firm specializing in web-based technologies. We are experts in web design, creative design, corporate branding and marketing, social media, streaming media and Internet technology services.

Established in February of 2000, our mission from the start has been to provide outstanding creativity and rock solid web services at affordable prices. We’ve never strayed from that mission and we continue offer the best creative and technology services available today.

It’s 5 o’clock. Do you know where your web guys are?

Your business never stops so why should your creative team and web technology provider? Many web design companies get comfortable providing the same products day in and day out. Why? Because it’s cheap. Education is expensive in both time and money.

Not us. Not here. We never stop learning. Technology changes at the speed of light and your web technology provider should too. Sure, it costs more to keep up with the latest and greatest but it’s what our clients want, and it’s what we demand of ourselves.

At 5 O’clock, we’re just getting started. We’re putting quarters in the soda machine, drinking caffeine and pouring over the web looking for the next big thing. If you’re lucky enough to spot us out in public, we bet you’ll find us sipping coffee and reading the latest HTML5 e-books or debating the best way to structure CSS. Yeah, some would say we have no life. We disagree.

It’s not because we have to. It’s because we want to. We live, eat and breathe this stuff…and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Strategic. Creative. Thinking.

We are a team of thinkers, creatives and technologists who share an insatiable thirst for creating state of the art web-based products and services. Unlike most web design companies, GO Technology works closely with our own marketing and SEO specialists to create web sites that are both attractive and user-friendly while being designed specifically as a proactive tool for your business.

We believe that a company’s website should be its biggest asset, and it is our number one goal to make your site the cornerstone of your marketing.

We believe that our creativity and culture of strategic thinking makes us the best choice for your web projects and services.

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