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If you’re in the market for a new website, redesigning your old website, or even have a fairly new one, you need to know about responsive design.

In short, responsive web design is the art of making a single website work effectively on both desktop PC’s and in the ever increasing mobile marketplace. The last part is the really big deal here. Websites have long been an excellent way to market your business on desktop browsers. Getting your site to work just as well on mobile devices is a whole different animal.

Until recently, you really needed two sites. One for desktop browsers and another for mobile devices. Even more if you count the different mobile versions for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. In some cases this is still the best solution. But for most sites, responsive design offers the best solution for the best price. Why build two when you can get it all with one, right?

A Mobile App for Your Website

Mobile environments have much different requirements than a typical desktop or laptop device such as less screen real estate, and usually much less bandwidth. The old “pinch and zoom” technique for viewing standard website content is difficult and most mobile users just won’t bother with it. That translates into lost business and opportunities.

With responsive design, users are offered totally different navigation options as well as content presentation based on what device they use to access your site. In many cases, if the design is done right, you end up with a very “app-like” experience for mobile users which leads to more time on site. Something every business website should be happy about!

But What About the Future?

With responsive design, future device compatibility for the most part is virtually assured. With over 50 to 100 new mobile devices coming out every year, all with different operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc., and most having different size and resolution screens, the “old” way of designing website with mobile friendly versions can get very costly.

Responsive design offers a solution. It doesn’t care about the brand of the device or what operating system it’s running. It only cares about the screen size and resolution, and then presents the best interface for that device on the fly.

A better user experience means better business, no matter what you’re selling or marketing.

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