CMS And Why You Need One

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What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Many websites today have a CMS attached to them or in some cases, it’s completely integrated to begin with. By now, almost everyone should have heard of WordPress and Joomla. These are both very popular CMS platforms and make up the majority of CMS sites on the Internet.

While there are varying statistics out there, on average these two platforms make up about 20-25% of all sites on the Internet and in recent years, are responsible for well over 50% of all new sites being launched.

So what does a CMS do?

In simple terms, it allows the site administrator easy access to modify content in the site such as posting new news articles, blogs and other text based content without having to know anything about HTML coding.

In most cases, you just log into a secure admin area and with a few clicks of your mouse, you’re updating content on your website like a pro with built-in WYSIWYG editors and media managers. But they don’t stop with just simple content editing. Both WordPress and Joomla have huge community support and thousands of plugins and components that do everything from event calendars to ecommerce packages.

So why do you need one for your site?

If you want repeat visitors to your site, you’re going to have to give them something to come back for. Just having a site on the Internet doesn’t guarantee anyone will come visit, much less come back a second or third time. Traffic is one of the factors that goes into search engine rankings and there’s no better way to increase traffic to your site than to keep content fresh, updated and relevant.

That’s where CMS based sites shine. Even a novice Internet user can log into one and update content with very little to no training. This makes it quick and economical to keep the information in your site up to date without spending a fortune on maintenance fees.

That’s not to say most business won’t need maintenance from their web developer. There may be times when you need to add new areas, new pages, new multimedia features and a host of other things that are a little more complicated that text editing.

But it’s likely the bulk of what you’ll want updated the most are news releases and minor content changes. If you can do these things yourself, then you can do them a lot more often. This gives your site new and relevant information your visitors will come back again to see thus increasing traffic and search engine rankings.

A good CMS in the hands of an experienced developer can make a great website for your business or organization and that, in turn, can make you more successful.

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