What’s Blogging Got To Do With It?

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It seems that Twitter and Facebook have led many people away from blogging in recent years. But publishing content on a blog is in many ways better than expressing views on these social networks. For example, you can put a face with a name or brand, you can set yourself apart from your competition, and you can educate prospects and clients. A blog allows you to paint a fuller picture of who you and your company are, create breakthrough ideas and give the world some of your best knowledge.

So how do you create successful blogs?

Before you even begin writing, you need to do your research and find out what your audience is looking for. Find the gaps where you can provide helpful information. Make your blogs are unique in some way so that they stand out above others. Once you get this accomplished your next step is to build trust. Remember people are skeptical about strangers, especially on the internet. A blog that is helpful, truthful, and consistent will allow you to gain the trust of the public and your readers.

Creating Trust

A few ways to gain trust are to have a clean and easy-on-the-eyes design, maybe a photo of the author, hints of social sharing, links to trustworthy sites and sources, a professional logo, presence of others communicating with you in the blog, and last but most importantly, use correct spelling and grammar.

I can’t tell you how important this last part is. No one is going to give your blog any credibility if your spelling and grammar read like you never got out of 1st grade. People just won’t take anything you say seriously or worse, it will impact poorly on your business or organization. And that’s the opposite of why you should be blogging in the first place.

More Ways to Set Yourself Apart

You should always have solid, truthful, detailed content that is frequently updated and well thought out. There is nothing worse than seeing a blog that hasn’t been updated in several months. That just shows your prospects and clients that you really don’t care or have the time to spend on it.

Another way to set your blogging apart from others is creativity. People want to see fresh and exciting ideas that can evolve. You can do this by creating content that stirs up conversation and gets the community to generate new ideas and leads to new insights.

If done well, blogging can lead to increased traffic to your site. The more traffic you get the more leads you get. Keep your blogging active and it can turn into a huge snowball growing in size as it rolls down the hill. The more content you have, the more likely you are going to have something that a reader wants.

Consistency is another major key to successful blogging. Don’t start off posting every single day and when the excitement wears off, your blogging dramatically reduces. Make a plan upfront that you think you are capable of keeping. Whether you decide on a few posts a week or 4-6 a month, try and be consistent. You can always increase your frequency. Readers are going to want to know when to expect your next post and you only get a few changes to disappoint them before they stop coming back all together.

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