Social Media Marketing

Everyone's Talking About it. Are you?

Social Media creates a large profit opportunity to those willing to take advantage of community word of mouth. Social Media Marketing is the process of getting viral, exponential website traffic through the power of people.

There are many benefits from social media but it can also have major pitfalls if not done correctly. After analyzing your industry and the best social media community to get you results, GO Technology then manages and/or automates your social media profiles, apps, and pages to position your company as an industry expert and social media hit.

A Few Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Save Money: It takes time to build momentum with social media which in turn costs money. Having the right team to guide you can save you bundles.
  • Brand Recognition: Brand recognition is one of the most powerful ways social media marketing can help your business.
  • Community: There is nothing like social media when it comes to cultivating a community. When your followers become part of your community, you gain instant access to them.
  • Repeat Exposure: There is an old marketing adage that says it takes six to eight exposures to a product before a customer decides to buy. You have the opportunity to remind them over and over again about what you have to offer, which can shorten your sales cycles dramatically.
  • Website Traffic: When you share blog posts, videos and other content from your website, you give your audience a reason to click through and visit your site.
  • Ahead of the Curve: Whether you realize it or not, your prospects and clients are checking to see if you are engaging in social media. Your presence there is critical and we can help you get there.
  • Competitive Advantage: The reality is that most of your competitors aren’t likely doing a very good job with social media (most companies aren’t), which gives you the chance to stand out. Also consider the flip side. If you avoid social media, you leave a big opening that allows your competitors to capture your audience.

Spend It Wisely

At GO Technology, we work to make sure your social media is well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. It also has to occupy a location where your customers and clientele can find it.

There are many advantages to social media marketing. However, like anything else that's done right, it takes time and that means money. Having the right team behind your social marketing effort will not only save you money, but it speeds up your ROI as well.

Now...who doesn't want that?!?

Our Strategy

The first step is knowing your competition. Our team does a comprehensive audit of your site's health as well as an analysis of your competitors. We work to discover the strengths and weaknesses of major industry players, and we devise a plan to use this information to your advantage. Often, your site's success is contingent on the high ROI which comes from knowing where and how to utilize online marketing.

After this, implementation is as much algorithmic as it imaginative. Search Engine Optimization is crucial in improving your organic SERP ranks. The process is analogous to a jigsaw puzzle. When all of the pieces fall correctly into place, the picture becomes clear and search engines are able to easily categorize and place your company where customers are already searching for your products or services.

These techniques range from keyword seeded URLs to inbound SEO. Don't be fooled by other online SEO workers. Most use black-hat methods to raise your rank in the short term but when found by Google, will blacklist you on their site. We offer accredited and guaranteed services that you can trust.

The work behind online marketing requires people that know what they are doing. It does not just mean to go and buy all the keywords around on Google. What's most important is getting your return on investment. We look for keywords that are not going to be 100 dollars a click; rather we target the keywords that will give you the highest return. We guarantee a return!

It is important to note that online marketing is only truly effective when your conversion rates on your site are up to par. Please check out our web development services to understand why that is important!

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